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The story

Our Hotel Louis C. Jacob looks back on an eventful past. The oldest documents about the hotel property are dated back to 1625. Immerse yourself in the exciting history of the house, which you can still experience live in the Jacob's underground ice cellar.


The gastronomic offensive on the Elbchaussee is launched by a confectioner with a fiery love of seafaring.

Nikolaus Paridom Burmester inherited house No. 401 in 1780 and supplied Hamburg-Nienstedten with delicious confectionery. Along the way, the amateur pyrotechnician greets incoming and outgoing ships with salutes from his homemade cannon.


One almost suspects that this could not go well. When he fires his firecracker cannon as usual on June 18, 1790, a cannon backfires and kills Burmester. His wife Maria Elisabeth is now left alone with the well-run confectionery.

Fortunately, at this time the French Huguenot Daniel Louis Jacques, fleeing from the turmoil of the French Revolution, is stranded on the Elbe. Without further ado, he fell in love with the beautiful confectioner's widow, married her in 1791 and changed his name to Louis Jacob. In the same year, the trained landscape gardener lays the famous famous Linden Terrace in the same year. From then on, he also seduces his guests - with wine and refined dishes.

1869 - 1922

The Jacob remains in family ownership for more than four generations. At the end of the 19th century, Louis Carl Jacob, the grandson of the company founder, converted the inn into a prestigious hotel. High-ranking guests from politics, the aristocracy and society came to stay. in 1902, the painter Max Liebermann resided at the hotel for an extended period of time and painted paintings of the famous Linden Terrace. It was not until 1922 that the successful family era ended with the death of Louis Heinrich Jacob.

1950 - 1970

The following tenants honor the legacy of the Jacob family. In the 1950s, world stars such as Maria Callas, Zarah Leander and Hans Albers sign the guest book of the traditional hotel.

A decade later, after many changes of ownership, the hotel's star slowly fades. The traditional hotel experienced its lowest point in 1970 when the entire restaurant inventory was auctioned off.


Until the 1990s, the owners of the traditional hotel changed in rapid succession. It was not until 1993 that the new owner family Rahe put the hotel back on the road to success.

In just three years, they transformed the old Jacob into a modern luxury hotel: renovations, restorations and extensions were carried out with great sensitivity. Together with the historic buildings on the opposite side of the street, a stylistically harmonious - now listed - overall ensemble is created.

Until today

During the restoration, the workers came across a historic ice cellar. Once used as a refrigerator, the brick vault now hosts special events. In addition, wall paintings were found hidden under the plaster, which were uncovered and restored.

the reopening was celebrated in 1996. Hotel Jacob continues to delight guests from all over the world.